Kayan-H (Nylon BCF)

  • Kayan-H is the nation’s first hollow nylon yarn and was developed based on Hyosung’s accumulated yarn technology.
  • Kayan-H features enhanced contamination-resistance with its minimal yarn surface area, with an even
    surface and round corners that eliminate the risk of contaminants sticking to it.
  • Kayan-H comes in nearly 60 colors, giving customers a wide range of choice.
  • Carpets tufted with Kayan-H provide the following advantages
  • 1. Hard to get dirty thanks to superior contamination-resistance
  • 2. Hardly loses fibers or gets fuzz as it is made of long fibers
  • 3. Excellent dyeing property creates vivid colors for a good feeling and enables the original color to be     maintained longer.
  • 4. The carpet looks always new thanks to the yarn’s superior durability and resilience.
  • Suitable for heavy traffic area carpets and carpet tiles that require strong durability and contamination-resistance
Kayan-H (Nylon BCF) image


Kayan-H (Nylon BCF) Specifications
Division 850D / 50F 1250D/64F
DPF 17 20
Luster Pale Cationic Regular Deep Semi-Dull
Dye Affinity Raw White Solution Dyed

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