Carpet Management

How to Raise the Value of Carpets

Product Choice

A way of buying a product economically is to select a product of
good quality with a design suitable for its intended use, maintain-
ing its dignity throughout a long life span.

Right Installation

Even the greatest product cannot deliver the intended benefits
of its superior design and functions unless it is installed properly.
Thus carpets should always be installed according to the Swan
Carpet Guidelines for Installation.


Unlike other common floorings, the surface of carpets consists of
fibers, which means it is vital to maintain a carpet in the right
manner so as to allow the carpet to maintain its function as a
premium flooring for a long time. If you comply with the following
carpet maintenance tips, you can use your premium carpet as if
you were always using a new one, enjoying superior quality,
premium color and convenience.

Maintenance Method

Daily Maintenance

  • If a contaminant falls on the carpet, remove it immediately without stepping on it.
  • If a contaminant is a solid, scrape it off as much as possible with a proper tool and then remove it
  • If liquid falls on the carpet, remove it by gently blotting it with a tissue (toilet paper).
  • Blot it with a tissue repeatedly until the tissue no longer gets wet. If the stain remains, remove it with
    a small amount of water or a stain remover.
  • When removing a stain, tap it gently using a white cloth with a small amount of a spot stain remover.
  • Any strong, undiluted chemical may cause damage to the carpet, staining it. Before using such
    chemical on the carpet, try it first on a tissue or a carpet patch to determine whether it will damage
    the carpet.
  • Most chemicals are harmful to the human body. Take extra care when storing them and keep them
    out of the reach of children and avoid contact with human skin. If a chemical has been exposed to
    your eyes or you have ingested it, you must seek medical treatment immediately.

Regular Maintenance

  • Vacuuming : You should vacuum your carpet on a regular basis to prevent dust or filth from becoming
    deeply stuck in the piles of the carpet. (If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, brush dust out with an
    appropriate brush.) The more powerful a vacuum cleaner, the more efficiently it will absorb dust stuck
    in the piles.
  • Dry powder cleaning : Dry powder is a cleaner contained in volatile granules. You can sprinkle dry
    powder on the carpet, have the powder rubbed against the surface of the carpet with an appropriate
    brush or brushing machine, and remove dry powder and dust adhered to the powder with a powerful
    vacuum cleaner.
  • The dry powder cleaning is easy, and enables you to use the carpet right after cleaning. However, you
    should be careful when selecting a brush as this method has the following disadvantages
  • Disadvantages of dry powder cleaning

    1) Part of the carpet piles can be damaged.

    2) The carpet’s color can be changed.

    3) Water cleaning required within a certain period of time (3 months) from dry powder cleaning

Water Cleaning

  • Water cleaning is the most common carpet cleaning method. It requires a cleaning machine designed
    exclusively for carpet cleaning, which is possessed by many carpet cleaning companies in the market.
  • Remove severely contaminated parts with a proper solvent, sprinkle a cleaner on the carpet, and rub
    the surface with a brushing machine to get rid of any dirt.
  • Next, sprinkle clean water and absorb the cleaner and dirty water on the carpet at the same time
    using a powerful vacuum cleaner.
  • After that, approximately 10% of moisture will remain on the carpet. Ventilate the space sufficiently
    and dry out the carpet for approximately 12 hours prior to using it to prevent the washed carpet from
    being dirtied.

Regular Maintenance / Cleaning as Needed

  • If you conduct carpet maintenance on a regular basis, your carpet will remain new for a longer period of time than if you only clean the carpet as needed due to severe contamination as shown in the left table.

Cleaning as needed , Regular Maintenance Replacement required due to poor product appearance line graph

Carpet Maintenance Cycle

Partial vacuum cleaning, the entire vacuum cleaning, dry powder laundry, the washing of the water management cycle to know the carpet by walking in the frequency table
Division Carpet for low
traffic areas
Living room / reception room
Carpet for mid
traffic areas
Office / stairway / corridor
Carpet for large
traffic areas
Entrance / shop / elevator
Partial area vacuuming 4 / wk 1-2 / day 2-3 / day
Whole area vacuuming 2-3 / mth 1-2 / wk 2-3 / wk
Dry powder cleaning 1-2 / yr 1 / qtr 1 / 2mths
Water cleaning 1 / 2yrs 1 / yr 1 / qtr

Other Things to Consider

1) Do not expose the carpet to direct light.

2) Partial replacement on a regular basis is recommended. If you change the location of a carpet in areas
    with much light or high traffic once or twice a year, the whole surface of the carpet can maintain
    the same color longer.

3) Maintain an appropriate humidity level.