Research Areas

  • Carpet yarns (BCF Yarn) development and production of images
    Development and
    production of yarns for
    carpet (BCF yarn)
    Nylon yarn
    PTT yarn
    Polyester yarn
    Polypropylene yarn
  • Development and production of commercial Carpet
    Development and
    production of
    commercial carpets
    Roll Carpet
    Tile Carpet
  • Development and production of automotive image Carpet
    Development and
    production of
    automotive carpets
    Floor Carpet (Carmat)
    Option Mat
    Trunk Mat

Continous R&D and Innovation

R&D and Innovation is our DNA ; since the development of the very first Hollow type BCF,
We have continuously development to meet to customer’s need.

Nylon Carpet Yarn
Hyosung produced Nylon BCF Yarn since 1979. It was the first
production of BCF yarn for carpet and enable to supply high
performance automotive and commercial carpet in Korea.
Hollow Type BCF
Hyosung developed Hollow type BCF in 2005. It has better
soil hiding and easy deaning performance than regular
trilobal-shaped fiber.
High Filament BCF
Hyosung developed High filaments solution dyed BCF(1200denier
128filaments) in 2007. Its mono-filament denier is 9.4 which is much
more thinner than regular mono-filaments 16~19. High-filaments BCF
has much velour like touch and superior interior effect.
Polyester Carpet Yarn
Hyosung developed polyester BCF yarn in 2008 and start to supply it to
KIA Motors from 2009. Kia’s K7, Pride and Hyundai’s Avante, Tussan are
using Polyester carpet. We are supplying Polyester BCF yarn for Toyota
camry model in Japan, too.
Bio Polyester Yarn
Hyosung is under-developing Bio-Polyester BCF carpet with
Hyundai(32% bio contents). It will meet OEM’s needs for green car