Legal Notice

Definition of a legal notice

The legal notice on the website of HYOSUNG ADVANCED MATERIALS Inc. (hereinafter 'Hyosung'), is the website for general users who use the services provided by the Hyosung Corporation website. If you want to use various services of the Hyosung Corporation website after registering as a member of the website, refer to the individual service agreement applicable to you. Even if you are a visitor who is not registered as a member of the Hyosung Corporation website, you can access part of the information and services available on the Hyosung.

Intellectual Property Right

The copyright and other intellectual property right on the information and services provided by this website belong to Hyosung Corporation. Users shall not replicate, copy, transmit, publish, distribute and/or broadcast the information and services provided by this website, or have them used by a third party without the prior approval of Hyosung Corporation.

Prohibiton for User

Users shall not distribute curses, slander, obscenities, groundless information, viruses, etc., via the website of Hyosung Corporation. The postings or links containing such information will be modified or deleted, and the membership of such user may be cancelled. A user shall not transmit a large quantity of information or repeatedly post the same or similar information to interrupt the reliable service operation, or prevent other users from using the services by sending advertisements to other users against their will, or posting them on a bulleting board. Such postings or links containing said information will be modified or deleted, and the membership of such user may be cancelled. Users shall not interrupt or interfere with the information, services, or the servers and/or network connected to such information or services. In addition, users shall observe the network requirements, procedures, policies or rules regarding the information and services, so as not to interfere with the business or service operation.

Legal Obligation

Hyosung Corporation website shall not have the legal responsibility to intervene in the dispute between users or between a user and a third party in regards to the information and serviced provided in this website, and Hyosung Corporation can assume no responsibility thereof.