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Global Excellence Hyosung

Hyosung endeavors to realize the best values in diverse industries

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Leading & Responsibility

Hyosung is a renowned global enterprise that fulfills its
social responsibility, spearheading creative development in
diverse industries with its innovative technologies.

Hyosung has been offering new solutions for development in the infra-
structure industry and building a solid foundation for diverse industries.
As a global leader driving innovation in industrial technologies, it is
faithfully fulfilling its social responsibilities. By contributing to the
economic,environmental, and social development of the next generation,
Hyosung will continue to be a global enterprise fully trusted by its
customers and society.

Technology & Innovation

Hyosung will contribute to the nation's economic devel-
opment based on its technology and innovation

Hyosung has been playing a pivotal role in Korea’s economic growth
by developing innovative products and creative technologies that
form the foundation of development in diverse industries including
Textile, Industrial Materials, Chemicals, Power & Industrial Systems,
Construction, and Information & Communications. Hyosung will
continue to play its role as a global leader that contributes to industrial
advancement through innovation in original core technologies.

Creating Social Ecosystem

Hyosung fulfills its social responsibility to create a more affluent society

Hyosung is actively participating in social contribution activities to share profits with the community and consequently enrich society. It endeavors
to fulfill corporate social responsibility through “CSE (Creating
Social Ecosystem),” which builds a harmonious partnership with its stakeholders.

Synergy Creation in Business

With Customers, With the World - Hyosung is your
Synergy Creation trusted partner.

Hyosung is growing as a global leader with its excellent technologies
and services in business sectors such as textile, industrial materials,
chemicals, power & industrial systems, construction, trading, and
information & communication. Guided by our management philosophy
of “Global Excellence,” we endeavor to provide higher values for our
customers all over the world. We shall continue challenging
ourselves and innovating while securing and maintaining customer
loyalty and trust.

Design of New Growth Engine

Technology makes dreams come true - Hyosung’s technol-
ogy opens up a new world.

Since establishing the first private R&D Center affiliated with a corpora-
tion in Korea in 1971, Hyosung has developed four of the world’s best
products and many other world-class products and brands in textile,
industrial materials, chemicals, power & industrial systems, and informa-
tion & communication fields, wielding a profound effect on the lives of
people. Globally competitive technical competence, experience in and
passion for R&D, and unquenchable thirst for challenge will enable
Hyosung to open up a new world of technology with the spirit of a

Leading the Global Competition

A company realizing continuous growth - Hyosung is
committed to winning the global

Hyosung exports over 70% of its products overseas and boasts a
global manufacturing system consisting of 37 production entities in
13 countries worldwide. Hyosung will continue to strengthen its
global management abilities in marketing, production technology,
and service across all business areas and stay ahead in the fierce
global competition.